Agile BI: Value-Driven Data Warehousing and BI

This introduction to agile for DW/BI teams aligns agile values and principles with BI/DW delivery, reviews both iterative (scrum) and flow-based (kanban) methods, and clarifies roles, responsibilities, and relationships in the agile BI/DW project community. The class also provides guidelines, examples, and practice on how to write and slice effective agile BI/DW requirements into effective user stories.

You Will Learn

  • Story point estimation
  • Story prioritization techniques 
  • Product backlog grooming 
  • Capacity-based planning 
  • Story conferencing
  • Sprint backlog creation and commitment
  • Team roles and responsibilities 
  • Team self-organization and self-management 
  • Kanban and scrum 
  • Feature showcase practices 
  • Retrospectives for continuous learning and improvement
  • How to write good BI/DW user requirements/stories
  • How to slice epics into smaller stories


  • Data warehouse and BI project managers
  • Directors and leaders
  • Architects, designers, developers, and administrators
  • Testers
  • Business intelligence practitioners
  • Business analysts and product owners


·       Agile Overview

·       Agile Manifesto Exercise

How Scrum Works

·       Scrum Overview

·       Product Backlog Prioritization

·       Product Backlog Management

·       Story Conferencing

·       Sprint Tracking

·       Capacity-based Planning

·       Daily Scrum

·       Project Monitoring

·       Sprint Showcase

·       Executive Showcase

·       Sprint Retrospective

·       Adapt and Close

Scrum and Kanban

·       Lean & Agile Principles

·       Scrum Basics vs. Kanban Basics

·       Kanban Example

·       Kanban Metrics

·       Value Stream Mapping

·       Limiting WIP

·       Scrum and Kanban Cadence

·       Continuous Improvement

·       Scrum & Kanban Summary

·       Kanban Exercise

User Stories

·       Capabilities to Stories

·       User Story Template

·       Well-Written Stories

·       Stories are Not Requirements

·       Architecturally Complete Stories

·       User Story Exercise

Story Slicing

·       Epics

·       Slicing Epics

·       Anti-Stories

·       Ridiculously Thin-Slicing

·       This-Slicing Points in the DW/BI Architecture

·       Story Slicing Exercise

Relative Estimating

·       Agile Estimating & Conventional Estimating

·       Absolute vs. Relative Estimating

·       T-Shirt Sizing

·       Story Point Estimating

·       Estimating Poker

Building Project Community

·       The Agile Project Community

·       Self-Managing and Self-Organizing Teams

·       Shared Values: Team Working Agreements

·       Honoring Commitments

·       Visual Controls

·       Agile Roles

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Program Details
Duration 1 Day
Capacity Max 12 Persons
Training Type Classroom / Virtual Classroom

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