Docker for Enterprise Operations

As the follow-on to our Docker Fundamentals course, this course is designed for Docker operations teams to learn the many advanced features of Docker EE and how to apply them at scale with enterprise workloads.

Delegates will learn

·       Identify the key features of UCP and DTR.

·       Build a complete, basic software supply chain using UCP and DTR that includes CI/CD, content trust, and image scanning.

·       Describe the methodological differences between managing containers and managing virtual machines.

·       Deploy applications on Swarm or Kubernetes orchestrators via UCP.

Day 1


Introduction to Docker Datacenter

UCP Architecture

UCP Networking

UCP Role-based Access Control

Secrets Management


Monitoring and Recovery

UCP Health Check

Day 2

DTR Overview

DTR Organizations and Teams

Content Trust

Image Scanning

Repository Automation

Image Caching

DTR Troubleshooting

Designing a DDC Deployment

Docker Fundamentals

Program Details
Duration 2 Day
Capacity Max 12 Persons
Training Type Classroom / Virtual Classroom

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