Advanced Web and Mobile Application Penetration Testing for Insurance Industry

Penetration tests are considered one of the most fundamental issues in cybersecurity policies and procedures of corporate firms. Web and mobile applications continue to be the weakest link of today's information systems security due to rapid technological developments. As technology evolves, attack vectors and security perspectives on the respective systems change regularly. In the applications developed sector-based; basic penetration testing plan causes especially business logic errors to be overlooked. In this training, detection methodology of critical security holes that can be commonly found on your organization's live web and mobile application systems will be taught.

At this course all examples and labs will be done related to Insurance Industry.

Target Audience

  • Penetration testers
  • Cyber security professionals


Basic understanding of network, software and penetration testing

What is penetration testing

Penetration testing concepts

Penetration testing rules

Penetration testing methodology

Sector-specific real-world hacking cases

Application analysis

Critical security vulnerabilities in web applications

Critical security vulnerabilities in mobile applications

Advanced Burp Suite usage

Sector-specific business and logic errors

Analysis and methodology implementation on live systems - Web

Analysis and methodology implementation on live systems - Mobile

essential knowledge of TCP/IP, networking and penetration test

Program Details
Duration 2 Days
Capacity Max 12 Persons
Training Type Classroom / Virtual Classroom

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