IIBA® International Requirements Definition and Change Request Management

Numerous studies have concluded that failure to effectively develop and document project requirements is directly related to project failure.

By following the logical methodology for the requirements process presented in this course, you'll learn to develop effective requirements, including business objectives as well as business, end-user, system, and software requirements. By working through the requirements process using walkthroughs, reviews, prototyping, and storyboarding, you'll discover the importance of and types of requirements, examine information-gathering methodologies, and learn to conduct effective interviews, workshops, and surveys.

Delegates will learn

·       Business objectives and business, end-user, system, and software requirements

·       Identify and document end-user functional requirements

·       Capture/document a comprehensive set of non-functional requirements

·       Conduct effective interviews, group workshops, and questionnaires

·       Data mining

·       Define and effectively document business rules


Business Analysts

System Analysts

Enterprise Architecture Specialists


Software Specialists

Project Managers

Product Managers

IT & Enterprise Architecture Managers

Test Engineers and Quality Assurance Specialists

Day 1

How to get business units’ demands and requests in most effective way?

The most effective ways to convince business units to prioritize their demands.

How to plan business analysis activities in a realistic way for urgent project requests?

How to make effective analysis meetings by the techniques of asking right questions with challenging business units and software developers?

The role of business analysts in Agile projects and ways of analysis documentations.

How to define the functional and non-functional requirements (performance, usability, etc.) and business rules in Agile projects?

How to create business analysis documents that business units and software developers can read easily?

International requirements definition techniques that can be used to completely prevent or minimize CRs (scope / requirement changes) which comes from business units.

 The impact of business analysis automation tool usage on CRs.

Day 2

How to implement LEAN product development approach in order to foster innovation and best meet with customer needs?

How can you be sure that a developed product will fully meet the needs of the customer?

What is the way of offering innovative products to customers before competitors?

What is Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

How can speed and quality be provided at the same time in projects with limited resources?

How should be prevented the waste time and resources in projects?

Program Details
Duration 2 Days
Capacity Max 12 Persons
Training Type Classroom / Virtual Classroom

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