Microsoft Access

Microsoft Office Access 2016 can help you and your organization collect and manage large amounts of data. You can use it as a personal data management tool, or you can use it to develop applications for a department or an entire organization. In this course, you will use Access 2016 to manage your data by creating a new database; constructing tables; designing forms and reports; and creating queries to join, filter, and sort data.

Delegates will learn how to

·       Use Access 2016 to manage your data by creating a new database;

·       Constructing tables;

·       Designing forms and reports

·       Creating queries to join

·       Filter and sort data.

·       Create Subforms

·       Customize a form layout to improve usability and efficiency of data entry

·       Organize data into appropriate tables to ensure data dependency and minimize redundancy

·       Lock down and prepare a database for distribution to multiple users

·       Create and modify a database switchboard and set the startup options

Working with Table Data

Modify Table Data

Sort and Filter Records

Querying a Database

Create Basic Queries

Sort and Filter Data in a Query

Perform Calculations in a Query


Using Forms

Create Basic Access Forms

Work with Data on Access Forms

Generating Reports

Create a Report

Add Controls to a Report

Enhance the Appearance of a Report

Prepare a Report for Print

Organize Report Information

Format Reports

Advanced Table Tasks

Inserting Application Parts

Using the Table Analyzer Wizard

Creating Validation Rules

Configuring Validation Messages

Creating Lookup Fields

Creating Value Lists

Marking Fields as Required

Marking a Field for Indexing

Creating Input Masks

Advanced Form Tasks

Limiting User Access to a Form

Adding Calculated Fields in a Form

Using the Expression Builder

Creating Checkboxes and Command Buttons

Building Command Button Events

Creating Event Procedures

Using Hyperlinks in a Form

Adding Links to Other Database Objects

Inserting a Mailto Link in a Form

Exporting a Form to Other Formats

Creating Subforms

Creating Subforms

Using Subforms

Linking Subforms with Parent Forms

Formatting a Subform within a Main Form

Creating Split Forms

Creating a Split Form

Splitting an Existing Form

Using a Split Form

Fixing the Form Separator

Creating Navigation Forms

Creating a Navigation Form

Adding Tabs to a Navigation Form

Creating a Tab Hierarchy

Displaying the Navigation Form When the Database Opens

Creating Advanced Queries

Creating and Using Parameter Queries

Creating and Using Crosstab Queries

Creating and Using Make-Table Queries

Creating and Using Multiple Table Queries

Creating and Using Append Queries

Creating and Using Delete Queries

Creating and Using Update Queries

Using Subqueries

What is a Subquery?

Creating a Subquery

Subqueries with Aggregate Functions and Nested Subqueries

Using the IN Keyword with Subqueries

Creating Advanced Report

Adding Calculated Fields

Adding Concatenated Fields

Inserting Sub Reports

Exporting Reports in Different Formats

Splitting the Database

Backing Up the Database

Splitting the Database

SQL and Microsoft Access

An Introduction to SQL

Understanding SQL

Using the Select Statement

Program Details
Duration 3 Days
Capacity Max 12 Persons
Training Type Classroom / Virtual Classroom

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