Angular is a dynamic and robust JavaScript-based development framework used to create Single Page Applications. This open source framework backed by Google is widely popular for creating dynamic apps as its data binding and dependency injection features significantly reduce the amount of code that needs to be written.

This Angular course will make you familiar with the fundamentals of this language to build SPA applications that will help your business achieve faster ROI due to lesser development and maintenance cost, and faster accessibility.

Delegates will learn

·       Code using new ES7 and TypeScript language features

·       Explore Angular coding and architecture best practices

·       Understand and use Angular Forms, Observables, Dependency Injection, and Routing

·       Retrieve, update, and delete data using Angular's Http service

·       Unit test all the parts of an Angular application including Modules, Components, Services, and Pipes

·       Create, build, and deploy an Angular (Angular 7) application using the Angular CLI

·       Develop reusable elements (even out of angular applications) using angular elements

·       Develop dynamic Model-driven forms that are easier to unit test

  • Component Create and Using
  • Angular Environment
  • Angular Project Structure
  • Style Using
  • Two Way Binding
  • Event Using
  • Components
  • Module Create / Using
  • Angular Lifecycle
  • Dinamik Component
  • Ngif Directive
  • Data Binding
  • Directive Create / Using
  • Structural Directives
  • NgFor directive
  • Custom Directive Create and Using
  • Angular Forms
  • Form Validation
  • Dinamik Form
  • Template Using
  • Basit Routing kavramı ve kullanımı
  • Services – JSON Parse
  • Local Storge
  • Session Storge

Program Details
Duration 3 Days
Capacity Max 12 Persons
Training Type Classroom / Virtual Classroom

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