Adobe Illustrator - Introduction

This introductory course covers some of the basic and more commonly used features of Adobe Illustrator, so that delegates can navigate the software and use Illustrator's tools to create and work with vector graphics. 

Delegates will learn how to

·       Create vector artwork using Illustrator

·       Format paths using fills and colour

·       Understand and use the Pen Tool

·       Add type to designs

·       Manage artwork using layers

·       Output graphics in different file formats

Introducing Adobe Illustrator

The Illustrator interface

Zooming and navigating

Illustrator basics

Vector and raster graphics

Creating documents

Working with artboards

Basic shapes

Understanding Illustrator terminology

Drawing and modifying simple lines, shapes and paths

Formatting paths

Working with colour

Applying fills and strokes

The Pen Tool

Creating simple line paths

Creating curved paths

Combining straight and curved paths

Modifying paths

Working with text

The Type tools

Formatting type

Using layers

Working with layers

Managing layers

Outputting from Illustrator

Outputting from Illustrator

Adobe Swatch Exchange

Exporting artwork from Illustrator

There are no prerequisites for this course

Program Details
Duration 2 days
Capacity Max 12 Persons
Training Type Classroom / Virtual Classroom

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