Behaviors of people who get results

“A person who does not read is not better than a person who reads.’’ Stephan Covey

This program is specially designed for company employees at the “Manage Yourself” career stage.

The program is divided into two modules that focus on developing personal skills and business skills that you need to have a successful career and enhance your awareness on the subject how things work in companies. 

There will be a couple of week interval between two modules so that you can complete some additional activities between the modules and show you have started to put these into practice. 


We will touch on importance of increasing one’s information about oneself and personal efficiency to get results in the context of the environment that is constantly changing. 

In addition, this program aims to;

present tools that will support integration to workplace

develop fundamental values, skills and behaviors, needed for a successful career. 

focus on critical components needed at “Manage Your Development Yourself” career stage. 

enhance your personal efficiency and, thus, share tools, techniques and experiences that will enable you to deliver results at the shortest notice in the company. 

Module 1 – We are building the foundation: (1 day)

A- Know yourself

What is knowing yourself intelligence?

Identifying personal and fundamental values that constitute a drive force for you as daily. 

Identifying additional behavior manners that contribute to your general performance

Identifying learning style that you prefer. 

Implementing personal SWOT analysis

B- Manage yourself

Understanding importance of proactive personal development

Exhibiting the skill of giving feedback

Identifying different learning activities in workplace

Identifying basic elements of efficient communication

Identifying how works are done in the work environment

Discussing on importance of a “win/win” mentality 

Module 2 –We are adding value to job: (1 day)

A- Personal Activity Skills

Identifying activities to be done for managing work priorities

Emphasizing on individual strategies aimed at improving time management.

Identifying activities to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in meetings

Explaining importance of critical thinking

Demonstrating use of a simple problem-solving tool  

B- Being always at the peak of your form

Understanding importance of having customer focus approach

Determining the effect of change in workplace on people

Determining strategies of handling stress

Applying activities to improve your image

Listing opportunities and activities for continuing development 

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Program Details
Duration 2 Days
Capacity Max 12 Persons
Training Type Classroom / Virtual Classroom

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