Personal Image

This program is aimed at the progress of persons working in customer- focused sales departments on making an assuring image with personal characteristics to expose personal skills by using effective communication tools.   

Training is built under two headings:

Proposals aimed at person’s individual development in terms of person’s self-awareness

Points to consider on outward appearance from speaking to clothes

What is image and why is it important?

True perception of body

Knowing yourself

What should be considered while using body tools

Using body language correctly

Necessities of a good communication

Speaking clearly

Listening the other party

Being able to empathize

Persuasion Skill

Importance of positive thinking and expression

Why personal development is important?

Points to consider in producing an affect

How is our outward appearance perceived by people?

What do cleaning and care include?

Revealing our strengths

Wearing according to different places

Choice of colors

Why is simplicity important?

How do we follow fashion?

How do we balance the outward appearance?

Common characteristics of successful people

Importance of setting target

Program Details
Duration 1 Day
Capacity Max 12 Persons
Training Type Classroom / Virtual Classroom

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