Advanced Reporting on the Web (Report Studio) with IBM Cognos

This Advanced Reporting on the Web (Report Studio) with IBM Cognos training class provides advanced techniques with IBM Cognos' Report Studio.Topics include the Query Explorer, bursting reports, advanced prompting, drill-through definitions, active reports, using external data, working with dimensional data and more.The course format includes lecture, instructor-led exercises and independent workshops.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Create advanced queries including joins, unions and sub queries using the Query Explorer.
  • Create prompts with static values.
  • Create advanced prompts for use in sorting and conditional blocks.
  • Apply bursting to reports.
  • Import external data in Report Studio.
  • Create basic active reports with data check box groups, data tab controls and data drop down lists.
  • Create a dashboard with drill-through capabilities and a render variable.
  • Create a table of contents.
  • Apply dimensional reporting techniques with cubes.


This course is for report authors and developers who will create and maintain complex reports in Report Studio.

Review of IBM Cognos and Report Studio

Review of IBM Cognos

Review of Report Studio Reporting Techniques 

Introduction to the Query Explorer

Query Components

Build and modify queries from the Query Explorer

Create union and join queries

Create queries with SQL

Create child queries 

Introduction to Bursting


Create a bursted report 

Advanced Prompting

Review of prompts

Prompts with static values

Prompts that perform sorting

Conditional formatting with prompts 

Introduction to Active Reports

Understand Active Reports

Convertreports to Active Reports

Create Active Reports with Controls 

Use External Data

Introduction to Using External Data

Link External Data to a Report

Link External Data to a Query Subject 

Advanced Reporting

Complex Report Examples

Advanced Drill Through

Complex calculations

Table of Contents

Dynamic time periods

Working with Dimensional Models

MDX and Unique Member Names

Work with Context Filters and Member Sets

Work with Dimensional functions

Period to Date Calculations

Tree Prompts 

Introduction to Event Studio

Examine Event Studio

Create an Agent and Task 

HTML Items (Appendix)

Basic HTML in Report Studio 

Import and Export XML Reports (Appendix)

View and Understand the Report Specification

Import XML Report Specifications

Export XML Report Specifications

Create Templates



Reporting on the Web (Report Studio) with IBM Cognos

Program Details
Duration 2 Days
Capacity Max 12 Persons
Training Type Classroom / Virtual Classroom

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