Decision Making

This experience-based course introduces participants to a comprehensive yet flexible decision-making framework that can be used for all types of decisions. Participants experience each step in the framework first-hand through a variety of individual, small-group, and large group exercises. As the participants discuss and learn about decision-making, they will use the Decision Making Portrait, a self-reflective tool, to analyze their personal decision making approach. Because many decisions in organizations today are made by groups, participants also explore group decision-making through an in-depth, experiential case study.

 Delegates will learn how to

·       Discuss the three cornerstones of making high-quality decisions

·       Frame a decision outcome they hope to achieve

·       Define the key stakeholders and their roles in the participant’s personal decision making process

·       Recognize how decision making patterns impact others and the decision making process

·       Apply intuitive and data-driven decision making in appropriate situations

·       Apply a framework and use tools to manage high-quality decisions

·       Lead a group to a high-quality decision


This course is designed for managers, team leaders, analysts, and individuals who want to make high quality decisions.

Understanding Decision Making

·       The Decisions You Face

·       The Cornerstones of High-Quality Decisions

The Decision Making Framework

·       Identify the Issue, Need, or Opportunity

·       Frame the Decision Context

·       Explore Options

·       Analyze and Evaluate Options

·       Make a Choice

·       Act on the Decision and Check Results

Framing the Decision Context

·       One Frame Does Not Fit All Decisions

·       Understand the Decision Context

·       What You Are Deciding and Why

·       Identify Outcome-Based Goals

·       Recognize Values in Decision Making

·       Select the Right Stakeholders

Understanding Decision Types

·       Continuum of Decision Types

·       Intuitive Decision Making

·       Assessing Decision Making Patterns

·       Data-Driven Decision Making

·       Managing the Decision Process

Making Group Decisions

·       Leading a Group to High-Quality Decisions

There are no prerequisites for this course

Program Details
Duration 1 Day
Capacity Max 12 Persons
Training Type Classroom / Virtual Classroom

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