Effective Teams

Creation of an effective, high-performing team is a difficult task. You will develop your competency in team building, interpersonal skills, building and sustaining trust, effective use of influence, and collaboration in this experimental and interactive two-day course. You will gain a practical understanding of how to evaluate and sustain team effectiveness and the specific actions you can take to help your team move toward higher performance.

Delegates will learn how to

·       Discuss best practices for developing high-performing teams

·       Use interpersonal skills to respond appropriately to the needs and feelings of team members

·       Discuss best practices for implementing collaborative relationships among team members



This course is intended for employees at any level who are team members.

Building Effective Teams

·       Characteristics of Effective Teams

·       Stages of Team Development

·       Building and Sustaining Trust

·       Working with Virtual Teams

Interpersonal Skills for Teams

·       Interpersonal Skills Overview

·       Effective Communication Practices

·       Influence

·       Cultivating Interpersonal Relationships


·       Building Relationships

·       Creating a Collaborative Culture

There are no prerequisites for this course

Program Details
Duration 2 Day
Capacity Max 12 Persons
Training Type Classroom / Virtual Classroom

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