From Tactical to Strategic Thinking

Reactionary, short-term thinking limits an individual’s—and an organization’s—growth and success. When you consider the larger picture, you gain a valuable perspective that enables you to make decisions to address immediate needs and achieve long-term success. You will identify characteristics of strategic thinkers and practice effective strategies and approaches using real-world, thought provoking situations. You will learn to align individual and team goals to your organization’s mission, and use a strategic framework to identify opportunities for growth.

 Delegates will learn how to

·       Analyze the uses of tactical and strategic thinking

·       Develop a strategic mindset to achieve long-term personal and professional goals

·       Use a strategic framework to organize thinking and make decisions

·       Capitalize on opportunities to promote continuous organizational and personal growth


This course is designed for people who want to be able to move beyond day-to-day, reactionary thinking to a more long-term and future-focused perspective.

Strategic Thinking Overview

·       Defining Tactical and Strategic Thinking

·       Strategic Thinking and Setting Goals

Shifting to a Strategic Mindset

·       Characteristics of Strategic Thinkers

·       The Influences on Our Thinking

·       Developing a Strategic Mentality

A Framework for Strategic Thinking

·       Identifying Work Processes and Structures

·       Exploring Team and Organizational Capacity

·       Developing a Customer Focus

·       Building Strategic Relationships

Maintaining Momentum for Strategic Thinking

·       Avoiding Tactical Pitfalls

·       Translating Strategic Thinking Into Action

There are no prerequisites for this course

Program Details
Duration 2 Day
Capacity Max 12 Persons
Training Type Classroom / Virtual Classroom

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