Operations Manager i Software 10 x Essentials

This 5 day, entry-level, instructor-led training offers technical personnel, who are new to Operations Management i Software (OMi) 9.0, the opportunity to develop hands-on experience in applying the fundamental principles, methodologies, and capabilities for managing events using OMi. OMi is a best-in-class service operations solution. This course is recommended for individuals who are responsible for designing, implementing, or administering effective service operations capabilities for mission-critical business services. This course includes hands-on labs that use version 9.0 of the OMi software.

Delegates will learn how to 

·       Use OMi to effectively identify, prioritize, and resolve events

·       Create event dashboards to meet the information needs of specific users

·       Describe CI resolution and correlation

·       Identify the health of services and technology components based on Health Indicators (HIs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) presented in OMi

·       Create and use OMi performance graphs

·       Create and use OMi tools

·       Create and tune Topology Based Event Correlation (TBEC) correlation rules

·       Create and tune Stream Based Event Correlation (SBEC) correlation rules

·       Create and tune Time Based Event Automation (TBEA) automation rules

·       Create and tune event suppression rules

·       Manage OMi user access and permissions

·       Create and tune event suppression rules

·       Manage OMi user access and permissions

·       Create and tune OMi notifications

·       Configure integration between OMi and HP Operations Manager (HPOM)

·       Configure integration between OMi and HP SiteScope

·       Configure integration between OMi and HP End User Management (EUM)

·       Assign monitoring to CIs using Monitoring Automation (MA)

Module 1: Course Overview

Module 2: BSM Overview

Module 3: OMi Overview

Module 4: Operator Overview

Module 5: Performance Grapher

Module 6: OMi Tools

Module 7: Health Perspective

Module 8: OMi Monitoring Dashboards

Module 9: Indicator Overview

Module 10: RTSM Overview

Module 11: Models and Views

Module 12: Event Reception

Module 13: OMi APM Integration

Module 14: OMi SiteScope Integration

Module 15: OMi HPOM Integration

Module 16: Standard Event Processing

Module 17: Topology Based Event Correlation

Module 18: Stream Based Event Correlation

Module 19: Event Automation

Module 20: User Management

Module 21: OMi Content Packs

Module 22: Monitoring Automation Overview

Module 23: OMi Administration

BSM 9 Essentials course

Program Details
Duration 5 Days
Capacity Max 12 Persons
Training Type Classroom / Virtual Classroom

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