Windows Communication Foundation Using C#

This Windows Communication Foundation Using C# training class provides a thorough grounding in this important technology. The first chapter covers the essential concepts and shows how to implement WCF services and clients. The “ABC” of address, binding and contracts are covered in detail. Service contracts and data contracts are explained, and instance management is covered. The course includes a discussion of error handling and security and concludes with coverage of the WCF Routing Service.

Delegates will learn how to

  • Learn what WCF is, and how it unites existing distribution mechanisms.
  • Gain an understanding of addressing and binding in WCF services.
  • Use service contracts and data contracts.
  • Implement WCF services and clients.
  • Perform configuration in both code and configuration files.
  • Understand faults and handle errors in WCF applications.
  • Implement security in WCF applications.
  • Understand the WCF Routing Service.

Introduction to WPF

·       Why WPF?

·       What Is WPF?

·       .NET Framework 4.0 and Later

·       .NET Core and WPF

·       WPF Overview

·       Application and Window

·       A Simple WPF Application

·       Using Visual Studio 2017

·       Brushes

·       Panels


·       Role of XAML

·       Elements and Attributes

·       Namespaces

·       Property Elements

·       Type Converters

·       Content Property

·       Collections

·       XAML and Procedural Code

WPF Controls

·       Button

·       Label

·       TextBox

·       ToolTip

·       RadioButton

·       CheckBox

·       ListBox

·       ComboBox


·       Sizing

·       Positioning

·       Transforms

·       Canvas

·       Drawing Shapes

·       StackPanel

·       WrapPanel

·       DockPanel

·       Grid

·       Scrolling

·       Scaling


·       Message Boxes

·       Win32 Common Dialogs

·       Custom Modal Dialogs

·       Custom Modeless Dialogs

Menus and Commands

·       Menus

·       Context Menus

·       Icons on Menu Items

·       Commands

·       Keyboard Shortcuts

·       Disabling Menu Items

·       Checking Menu Items

Toolbars and Status Bars

·       Toolbars

·       Toolbars and Commands

·       Status Bars

Dependency Properties and Routed Events

·       Dependency Properties

·       Change Notification

·       Property Value Inheritance

·       Support for Multiple Providers

·       Routed Events

·       Routing Strategies


·       Resources in WPF

·       Binary Resources

·       Logical Resources

·       Static versus Dynamic Resources

Data Binding

·       Binding Sources

·       Sharing Sources with DataContext

·       Data Templates

·       Value Converters

·       Collection Views

·       Data Providers

·       Visual Data Binding Using Visual Studio 2017

·       Database Access Using Entity Framework

Styles, Templates, Skins and Themes

·       Styles

·       Style Sharing

·       Triggers

·       Validation

·       Templates

·       Templated Parent’s Properties

·       Skins

·       Themes

Windows Forms and WPF Interoperation

·       Mixing Forms and WPF Windows

·       Mixing Controls

Program Details
Duration 3 Days
Capacity Max 12 Persons
Training Type Classroom / Virtual Classroom

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